Solutions to eliminate the “check that is in the mail”

Funds are debited directly from your customer’s bank account and deposited into yours, so there’s no more waiting for that check that “is in the mail.” ACH/eCheck processing can significantly improve your business’s cash flow and has the potential for substantial reduction in administrative expenses, and fees for processing ACH checks online are considerably lower than those for processing credit cards.

How Does ACH Processing Work?

An ACH transaction starts with a Receiver authorizing an Originator to issue ACH debit or credit to an account. A Receiver is the account holder that grants the authorization. An Originator can be a person or a company (such as the gas company, a local cable company, or one’s employer). Accounts are identifed by the bank’s Routing Number and the Account Number within that bank.

ACH Processing Benefits

  • Saves the business credit card fees & reduces customer debt
  • Improves business’s cash flow
  • Provides funds-in-hand on settlement day
  • Less hassle over delinquencies
  • No deposit and posting preparation costs
  • Provides greater customer satisfaction
  • Eliminates manual procedures for processing payments
  • Eliminates return envelopes, postage, and security