Save Time and Money

  • No postage, paper, and labor costs from mailing invoices and follow-up reminders
  • Save credit card fees with ACH option and recurring ACH (credit card payments are optional)
  • Web access to invoicing and payment info for staff
  • Streamline billing with automatic payments

Speeds Up Cash Flow & Improves Collections

  • Automatic custom payment reminders
  • No waiting for the mail when invoicing or receiving payments
  • Deposits are direct into your bank account
  • Customer has online access to invoice and payment history


  • Convenience of paying online – no checks, no postage
  • Cut costs on your check and credit card processing fees
  • Customer site branded as your business
  • Customers can set-up recurring automatic payments
  • Customer can link directly from the business website
  • View 3 years past invoices and payment history – no need to call for a statement or lost invoice
  • Emailed invoice notifications, reminders and payment confirmations (includes up to 3 email addresses)
  • ACH recurring payment option
  • Bank and credit card information not shared with the business
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support
  • Doing your part, helping the environment


  • Sending paper invoices is expensive and time-consuming
  • Industry studies report saving between $3 and $9 per invoice when all costs are considered
  • Accept ACH payments and save the high fees of credit cards
  • Improve cash flow and collections with electronic payments